about wolf river farm

Wolf River Farm

Wolf River Farm is an organic farm located just outside of Owen Sound in Annan, Ontario.  It will be Certified Organic as of November 12, 2017.  

There are over four thousand square feet of gorgeous greenery, vegetable and fruit on this organic farm. The orchards contain twelve varieties of apples and three varieties of pears.

When you visit the farm, don't be surprised if two bright-eyed and slobbery basset hounds greet you there.

Wolf River Farm was named after the heritage apple grown there.  This apple variety was named after the town of Wolf River in Wisconsin, USA, where it was discovered in the 1870s.

kathy, Owner & artisan

Kathy Hopson owns and operates Wolf River Farm, but in her words she is simply the caregiver.

Kathy is down-to-earth in every sense. She is at home when she's getting her hands dirty and learning about the gifts Mother Nature offers.

She is welcoming and helpful to those wanting to learn and feel connected to the earth.

Kathy has a love of hot peppers, growing a large variety.  She also produces essential oils, dried herbs, teas and other products at Wolf River Farm.